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Restyle and Upgrade Your Jewelry: Turning Old Jewelry Into New Pieces You Can Treasure

January 11, 2018

Over the years, you may have accumulated a large number of beautiful jewelry pieces that you don't wear very often. These pieces, ranging from vintage treasures to gifts, may have sentimental value that makes you feel reluctant to part with them. Fortunately, there are a number of ways to bring new life to jewelry that doesn't quite match your own personal style.


Replace the Setting

Old rings with brilliant gemstones can be reborn with a new ring setting. You can choose from endless options when selecting a new ring setting, including the metal and the design of the setting. If the metal of the ring is blemished or just old-fashioned,
replacing it with a new metal is an excellent way to create a new ring that suits your taste. Some couples choose to reuse gemstones from heirloom engagement rings to create a special ring with immense personal value.


Transform a Piece into Something New

A great way to reuse old jewelry is to turn into a new piece entirely. For example, your mother's diamond engagement ring can become a beautiful pendant that will attract attention and carry great sentimental value to you. You can simply request a jeweler to string the ring onto a chain or you can ask for something more complex, such as shaping the metal into a heart design. If old-fashioned brooches aren't your style, consider reusing the brooch as a hairclip or on a bracelet. Just about any part of an old piece of jewelry can be removed and attached to something new.


Reuse the Gems

Gemstones from old jewelry can be recycled into a number of other pieces. Earrings, for example, are easy for a jeweler to create out of an old pair of rubies. Gemstones can also be used as garnishes to existing jewelry, including watches and bracelets.


Minor Modifications

Sometimes, a minor modification to a piece of jewelry can freshen its look. Adjusting the length of a necklace can change its style completely. For example, adjusting the length of a pearl necklace is easy; adding or removing pearls can change the length and style of the necklace.


A Thorough Cleaning

If you have jewelry that has been passed down through the generations in your family, it's probably in need of a cleaning. Although you can do some cleaning yourself, it's a good idea to take an heirloom piece to an expert for cleaning. A professional cleaning can help restore the original look of the piece without causing accidental harm to a priceless treasure.

If some of your pieces no longer fit your style, consider repurposing the pieces into something new that you'll love.
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