Diamond Education

Gemological Institute of America

Learn about Gemological Institute of America. The world’s foremost authority on diamonds, colored stones and pearls. GIA is the leading source of knowledge, standards, and education in gems and jewelry.

How to Choose a Diamond

Learn how to choose a diamond by gaining more knowledge about the color, clarity, cut, and carat weight to fully understand diamonds and their value. Use the 4 C’s method to make an educated decision in selecting your diamond.

Diamond Grading Report

Learn why Michael E. Minden Diamond Jewelers is proud to provide GIA certified diamonds and how to properly read the Diamond Grading Report that comes with your diamond. By understanding the Grading Reports, you will always have security of knowing that you have your unique diamond in your possession.

Grading System

Learn how GIA established the most highly regarded Diamond Grading System and why it is necessary to accurately determine the quality and value of your stone.